Cyber Weapons Of Mass Psychological Destruction And The People Who Use Them

A must-read for every concerned citizen, this absorbing book goes inside the mind of the psychological terrorist to look at what motivates him to choose the weapon he does.

Created by a team of experts in military science and psychology, this timely study is the first comprehensive treatment of the tactical and psychological use of weapons of mass destruction. The book introduces the term "weapons of mass psychological destruction" (WMPD) and draws from examples and case histories to examine the minds of the terrorists who choose these weapons, not for maximum killing, but for maximum psychological harm to the greatest number of people.

This groundbreaking work identifies the recruiting practices that create psychological terrorists, revealing how these fanatics are "made," who becomes one, and why. Emerging trends in WMPD tactics and new technology in the field are detailed, as are related ethical issues, psychological reactions to WMPD, and the role religion may play in the choice of weapons. The innovative strategies and policies that can be used to predict, identify, and prevent disasters employing WMPD are outlined as well. Readers will also learn how the media is unknowingly used as a WMPD, and how terrorists employ social media to launch targeted psychological attacks.

Details the science and psychology of WMPD in relation to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive weapons, explaining why a terrorist chooses a specific type of a weapon

  • Examines who becomes a WMPD terrorist and why
  • Highlights how and why a suicide bomber is made as well as how, why, and where he will kill to do the most psychological damage
  • Includes case examples drawn from interviews with terrorists at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and from analysis of events including the Boston Marathon bombing
  • Lays out prevention strategies that can decrease the likelihood of an attack

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